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October 20, 2014
Our Family Law Practice in Brooklyn, Blog coming soon
October 21, 2014
Blog posts coming soon, watch for update

Brooklyn Law Practice Family Legal Services

Brooklyn Law Practice Family Legal Services. Renata Weissman AttorneyOur Brooklyn Law firm was created with the sole purpose of addressing Family Law matters and providing legal services to those who are in or around Brooklyn NY. We have tried to provide quality up to date information on a number of Family Law issues to aid you in your decisions, but, on a website, it is impossible to detail every issue you might confront, especially with the broad definition of family in a changing world.

Our goal is to keep you well informed of your rights and options in your situation so that you do not feel like someone else is running your life. Family Law matters are personal. We want and expect you to be an active participant in all matters in your legal case.

When any matter cannot be fairly negotiated for settlement, we are prepared to litigate. When agreements can be drafted to protect your rights and set forth your obligations, we are prepared to do that.

Brooklyn Law Practice areas of expertise and practice.

Adoption Grandparent Visitation
Alimony (Maintenance) Interstate Custody
Annulment Interstate Divorce
Antenuptial Agreements Interstate Child Support
Legal Appeals Litigation
Assisted Reproductive Technology Maintenance (Alimony)
Child Neglect Defense Negotiation
Child Support Prosecution Parental Alienation Matters
Child Support Defense Paternity Prosecution
Child Support Enforcement Paternity Defense
Child Support Violations Postnuptial Agreements
Child Support Collection Prenuptial Agreements
Child Support Collection Defense Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs)
Child Support Terminations Relocation
Child Support Suspensions Restraining Orders
Contested Adoptions Same Sex Couple Issues
Custody Separation Agreements
Custody Enforcement Settlement Stipulations
Custody Modification Sibling Visitation
Custody Relocation Step-parent Adoption
Divorce Surrogate Parenting
Domestic Partnerships Termination of Parental Rights
Domestic Partnership Agreements Uncontested Divorces
Domestic Violence Unmarried Couples Issues
Enforcement Actions Violation Matters
Father’s Rights Visitation
Foreign Adoption  


Family Law questions? Legal questions, legal counsel, divorce or separation questions, child custody etc, our law office located in Brooklyn NY are always available. Call Renata Weissman at 855-736-2829 for immediate family legal matter assistance today.